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Sunny Health Roman Chair Hyperextension

Sunny Health Roman Chair Hyperextension

SKU: SF-BH6629


Enhance your fitness goals with the SF-BH6629 45⁰ Hyperextension Roman Chair. The 45⁰ Hyperextension Roman Chair places the hip in a perfect angle to maximize glute and hamstring muscle activation. This allows for more stabilized movements while targeting the back muscles and protecting the spine. The SF-BH6629 45⁰ Hyperextension Roman Chair will increase back/core strength while toning and firming the glutes and hamstrings. Sometimes getting the results is as simple as the equipment being used.



Lock pin adjustment

Compact design

Targets back muscles



Padded upholstery

Non-slip handles

Foam rollers




250 lb weight capacity

45⁰ Angle

Durable steel frame

Adjustable height



Product weight: 23 lb

Product dimensions: 38L x 24W x 32H in

Ship weight: 26 lb

Ship dimensions: 30.7L x 15.5W x 5.3H in

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