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Speedo Speed Socket 2.0 Mirrored Gold

Speedo Speed Socket 2.0 Mirrored Gold

SKU: 7750204-712

About this item

  • 46% Plastic, 31% Silicone, 14% Rubber, 9% Nylon
  • Imported
  • Anti-Glare Coating coating
  • HYDRODYNAMIC LENSES: Speedo's widest curved goggle lenses reduce drag and increase panoramic viewing underwater
  • ANTI-GLARE: Mirrored goggles reduce glare from the water in bright conditions and protect from direct sunlight
  • ANTI-FOG: Crystal clear under and above water vision with anti-fog coated lenses
  • UV PROTECTION: Superb protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays while swimming outdoors
  • CUSTOM-FIT nose pieces: Includes 3 interchangeable nose pieces for comfortable, long-term wear
  • INNER EYE FIT: Precise fitting, low-profile gasket for a tighter fit around the eye
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Comfortable hypoallergenic seals accommodate for swimmers with skin sensitivities
  • Latex free
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