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Donic Ovtcharov Senso Carbon

Donic Ovtcharov Senso Carbon

SKU: ovtcharov


The Donic Ovtcharov Senso Carbon 8-ply is the original blade used by Ovtcharov himself during his rise to the top of the table tennis elite. The core of this blade is a unique formation of two Ayous plies treated and glued at high temperature and under great pressure. It is then cooled and prepared for the next stage. Two carbon plies are added to the core to maintain blade stability and the appropriate hardness. Dima Ovtcharov said: "This blade was a huge help to me on my way to the world's elite. Donic's "know-how" and the Swedish blade technicians have created a blade to suit my game precisely. It is everything that I could wish for. As a result of their expertise I can develop top speeds when attacking but am able to retain super control when under pressure. This blade was made for me!" Donic is in the process of changing the “Ovtcharov” blade line to the “Original” blade line. The Ovtcharov blades were very popular among Donic‘s customers, so they kept the design and modality of the blades unchanged and have merely revised the print and lens. They are the same blade. Once we run out of Ovtcharov blades we will be sending out the new “Original” version.


Number of Layers:6+2
approximate weight (g):89
Blade Type:OFF
thickness (mm):5.7
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