DONIC Balsa Carbo Fibre

DONIC Balsa Carbo Fibre

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Product information "DONIC "Balsa Carbo Fibre""

Offensive players that want to play controlled attacking shots.
Very balanced and excellent control, with an exceptional feel and good speed.
Technology: 7 veneers made of balsa (core veneer: 3.5 mm), carbon fleece (3+5), awan (2+6) and yaya (outer veneer)

Balsa wood is known for its light weight and soft properties, while carbon is known for its rigidity and stability. When these materials are combined, the result is incredible: The combination of balsa and carbon minimises the weight of the blade, enables powerful and controlled attacking shots and provides an exceptional feel. Table tennis can be this easy!

control: 8+
speed: 9-
elasticity : stiff
weight: 85
layers: 7
Characteristics: AR +, OFF, OFF -