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Spalding Slam Jam Rim Basketball Ring

Spalding Slam Jam Rim Basketball Ring

The SPALDING Slam Jam Rim Basketball Ring is a durable steel ring with standard all-weather mesh. It has a soft suspension and  a basket diameter of 45 cm.

Steel basketball hoop in orange standard size, with springs that will allow you to practice donqueo and will make you feel like a professional player. Designed for outdoors. Includes net for all types of climates. 


  • Solid steel edge
  • Standard-size rugged includes an all-weather net
  • S USPENSION spring - Soft
  • Use: Exterior / Outdoor
  • Orange
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Suspension: soft
  • Diameter of the basket: 45cm
  • Hoop diameter: 1.3 cm
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