Molten Flistatec Soft Touch Volleyball #5

Molten Flistatec Soft Touch Volleyball #5

SKU: V5M3500


Unique design is based on the fantastic top of the range Flistatec V5M5000. Its features are similar and use Flistatec technology but also make it more affordable for the club and school. We have many clubs that use it as a training ball and at the same time keep the most expensive ball for their matches. That said, this ball is still suitable for matches.

Its unmatched aesthetics and incredible performance make it ideal for players of all levels. The Molten V5M3500 volleyball ball is green, white and red, which makes it more visible to the user and is a size 5 ball. The design is eye-catching and the surface is now constructed of polyurethane leather, ensuring that the useful life of the ball is longer.

This official size and weight ball is available now at a fantastic value for money, and offers a durable and waterproof exterior, making it suitable for use, indoors or out. The V5M3500 comes with an advanced double layer laminated butyl bladder, wrapped in nylon.


  • Made from a durable waterproof polyurethane material
  • Flistatec design in white, red and green, wool,
  • 18 panel PU cover
  • Butyl bladder
  • Only size # 5