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Donic Alligator Combi Blade

Donic Alligator Combi Blade

SKU: alligator

Product information "DONIC Alligator Combi"

For defensive players that want to defend consistently and for players with a disruptive style that play close to the table.
Lightweight and versatile. Soft on the backhand with excellent control, and dynamic and reliable on the forehand.
Technology: 5 veneers made of balsa (core veneer), sapele (2) and limba (1, outer veneer) on the forehand, abachi (4) and ash (5, outer veneer) on the backhand.

Incredibly reliable backhand, versatile forehand: The DONIC ALLIGATOR COMBI has a very special veneer construction, which results in different playing characteristics on each side of the blade. Harder veneers on the forehand guarantee excellent power, while softer and slower veneers on the backhand provide fantastic control. That allows the wood to provide the effect that many combination bat players are looking for.

control:RH 10-, VH 8-
speed:RH 5+, VH 7+
elasticity :speed elastic
Characteristics:AR, AR +, AR -, DEF, DEF +
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