Body Sculpture Kettlebells 10 KG

Body Sculpture Kettlebells 10 KG

SKU: SOL-BW-117-10KG-B

Versatile and easy to use that will help tone your arms and upper body muscles, perfect for use at home.

This 10 kg kettlebell is ideal for cardio and strength exercises. Many different exercises to tone all the different areas of the body. Vinyl coated for comfort and durability. Use it at home or in gym class. Wide grip for controlled movements.

The Body Sculpture 10kg Kettlebell is ideal for making power training even more challenging. Perfect for exercises that strengthen the core but also biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back and legs are excellent with a kettlebell.  Due to the imbalance created by the round design and single handle, the body is forced to compensate and multiple muscle groups are addressed at the same time. Use the kettlebell for exercises like swing and snatch to train not only strength, but fitness and flexibility as well.

The kettlebells are made of plastic, which significantly reduces the chance of damaging the floor with a cast iron kettlebell.


  • You can use them to perform a wide variety of workouts that will help improve your health, strength, and fitness.
  • The ergonomic and comfortable design makes it easy to use.
  • Color: Gray / Purple
  • Weight: 10 KG.